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Pentecost Fulfilled

February 22, 2021

As world continues to change by becoming more post-Christian and adapting to a post-pandemic world, the church finds itself in a period where change is the new normal. For this season, we are looking at the book of Acts to remind ourselves how the early church followed God as God led the church into the future that was unfolding before them.

Acts 2:42-47 is often lauded as the church in its most perfect form. What often get’s overlooked is that this portrait is a part of the story of Pentecost. Just as the tongues of fire and the speaking of tongues was a sign of the Holy Spirit among the disciples, so is the picture of the church holding all things together and being devoted to the apostles teaching, the breaking of bread, and prayer. Additionally, given the Old Testament references to Pentecost, the picture of the early church community is truly Pentecost fulfilled.