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Phenomenal Woman

March 19, 2021

Phenomenal Woman is a lyrical poem written by Maya Angelou in 1978. The poem sends out a vital message to the world of convention and stereotypes that our power as human beings comes from being confident in our skin. This poem was published in And Still I Rise, a collection of powerful poems. 

Since then, the poem has been adapted and used by associations and groups worldwide to protest and political issues around inequality. That was 1978, and today in 2021, women are still fighting for the right to express themselves authentically. The poem conveys the idea that no matter society's pressures to conform and be who others want you to be, inner self-confidence is phenomenal. 

Episode three of the podcast is a conversation on how one should naturally love yourself, but life circumstances have caused many of us to judge, criticize, and condemn the body we live in. We must see ourselves through the lens of phenomenal because that is who we are. Thank you for downloading, subscribing, and sharing She Words.