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Rock the Block Run: Uniting Johnson County Through Charity and Fitness with Erin Pennington

April 22, 2024

**Welcome to Episode 8 of the ALL IN Johnson County Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller!** In this episode, host Dr. Brad Miller has a vibrant conversation with Erin Pennington, a community leader and one of the chief organizers of the beloved local event, the Rock the Block Run. Together, they dive into the origins of the event, its impact on the Johnson County community, its charitable aspect, and heartwarming stories of personal transformation.

**Takeaway Point 1: A Growing Community Event with a Purpose**

Rock the Block Run isn't your typical race; it's a community-centric event that offers something for everyone. Erin shares the event's humble beginnings as a desire to give back to the Center Grove community, starting with more inclusive race options than the typical 5k. It now features a 5k, 10k, and a free kids run, supporting not just competitive runners with a professionally timed course but also busy families looking for a morning of health, fun, and good music. The event kicks off early and concludes by midday, respectful of participants' time commitments. 

**Takeaway Point 2: A Charitable Heartbeat Driving Local Impact**

Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the Rock the Block Run is its charitable component. Erin elaborates on the innovative fundraising model where each registration helps support one of 18 local charities, chosen by the participant, each aiming to assist families and children within Johnson County. The charities compete for larger grant dollars, encouraging community members to rally for causes close to their hearts. Events like these set an example of a successful, engaging model for driving local change, with vivid storytelling, such as the roundabout beautification project on Whiteland Road, showing tangible results of passionate community involvement. 

**Takeaway Point 3: Personal Stories of Connection and Transformation**

Erin recounts touching stories that underscore the event's substantial impact on personal lives. One testament includes a family that used the Rock the Block Run as a bonding and goal-setting exercise, which has become an enduring tradition. Another is a group of out-of-town friends for whom the event serves as their annual reunion. Such stories highlight the event's role as a canvas for personal and collective milestones, reflecting the event's success beyond just the financial outcome for charities.

**Event Details and Key Information**

For those eager to participate: this year's Rock the Block Run takes place at Center Grove High School on April 27th. The 5k starts at 9 AM, with the 10k a bit earlier at 8:35 AM, and the kids run at 10 AM. Registration is a breeze via the event website. Erin also gives a shout-out to Spotlight Strategies, the title sponsor for the event, aligning with its mission to help businesses and communities thrive. Listeners can also expect delicious food, freebies from local food sponsors, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

**Connect with the Event & Organizations**

Listeners can learn more about the Rock the Block Run and register at and explore more about Spotlight Strategies at Don't miss a chance to be a part of this incredible community event and stay tuned for more engaging episodes of the ALL IN Johnson County Podcast by visiting

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