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STOP CHASING THAT!! (with special guest, Kristi Lee)

October 04, 2022

So what is it with dogs chasing everything down? It's a desirable trait when it comes to a game of fetch with our beloved canines. But when our furry family members turn to the pursuit of passing bicycles or hapless joggers, our embarrassment knows no bounds. So what causes an otherwise friendly and peaceable dog to instantly and intensely pursue anything that darts by? The answer is...(drumroll please)...PREY DRIVE!

My guest today is Kristi Lee, Indiana Broadcasting Pioneer Hall of famer, and longtime news director/cohost of The Bob and Tom Show. Kristi's charming golden doodle, Frankie, is a model citizen in many respects, but had a perpetual urge to lunge towards bikers and joggers on a nearby trail. Kristi got a hold of me for help, and we chat about that (and a lot more) on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down!