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Transforming Communities, When communities drive development by telling their story 

December 14, 2022

While attending the AIM Conference, I, along with Tim Jensen and Pete Olson from The Veridus Group, decided to take advantage of the exhibit hall and have people join us in discussions. 

On this episode, we sat down with Fred Prazeau, the Owner of Context Design in Indianapolis to talk Landscape and Urban Design. This led us to talk about the Town of McCordsville and their investment into the new McCords Square. As we talked, Tim Gropp happened to walk by and joined us on the podcast. 

In early planning, some of the bigger challenges Cities and Towns are facing are investing in Quality of Life. This seems to be the bones of every decision where developers are investing in their downtowns like never before. Creating great streetscapes and downtowns have been transformative to revitalize downtowns 

Communities must have a passionate leader out advocating for their community to make sure the projects are successes across administration changes, committed to vision, adapting, changing, morphing it and making sure the development community sees the congruency.