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Walking Each Other Home: Spiritual Companionship for Caregivers

October 04, 2022

Each of the 5.6 million Americans with dementia has one or more caregivers struggling to make meaning while watching their loved one’s personality vanish. The caregiver is sure to be changed―not only by the myriad tasks and responsibilities, but by the soul-searching questions: Dare, I hope? Who’s to blame? What do I do with my anger? Where’s God in this? These questions of doubt, guilt, intimacy, depression, and acceptance are ultimately questions of spirit. 

Joining us today is Jean Denton. Jean is a former Joy’s House caregiver, an ordained Episcopal priest and spiritual companion with a background in nursing and public health, and the author of Walking Each Other Home: Spiritual Companionship for Dementia Caregivers. 


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