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We Can’t Keep Talking…What Are The Solutions Part 3

August 06, 2021

Who Really Cares: As the world is running upside down, and society feels as though there is or will be no hope…you have to stop and ask Who Really Cares? Last week we called out our national and local political leaders to outline who really care about the people of our city, state, and nation. We speak on being equal, diverse, and progressive, yet our country is at a standstill, soon to be in a deadlock. In the end, the people suffer. Tune in as we go deep about what's taking effect in our society politically, economically and how it's being looked at from a greater bigger lin's, but fail to see the microscopic pieces of how our nation is doing with little to no support with constant underdeveloping conversations. Who Really Cares!!! We must invest in our community with our dollars.