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What Make You Better Than Me Part 1: Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

October 15, 2021

Police & Racial Inequalities continue to go unaddressed even after the numerous protests in 2020. Our State political leaders have not touched the topic of inequalities, social injustice and systematic oppression. They have placed the burden on the local law enforcement. A video was recently released of a IMPD Sgt Eric Huxley. Jermaine Vaughn was cuffed when Huxley kicked the young black man in the head. Sgt Huxley is a 14 year veteran on the IMPD task force. We are still dealing with continual unrest. When will things evolve. Laws need to be changed, developed, and renewed. Our target focus no longer needs to be with our City political leaders but on the state level. To reform laws that benefit the people and hold law enforcement accountable. Keep pushing, listening and evolving our society with me. No time to sleep… Time to Circle Up!!