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What Makes You Better Than Me Part 2: Let Them Doubt Us

October 22, 2021

Thank you to our special guest Jasmin Minor (Investigative Reporter with Wish-TV 8 Locally Owned and Operated Station) for coming and giving great input from a strong black woman’s perspective. Jasmin is more just a reporter, she is a resident of our community who cares about the development of our community especially the black community. As our community is currently stuck in a stagnant struggle, we must ask ourselves where do our legacy currently lies. Many in the black community fight to get ahead, but the lack of hope and support causes behaviors that are not becoming of our community. We must let others doubt, but let our developments speak for themselves. Connecting our community with greater opportunities, and supporting others who are looking to get ahead in life, but willingly and unknowingly leaving a legacy not just for their kids and family, but our society as a whole. Picasso once said, “Anything you imagine is real.” My challenge to you is how do you bring those thoughts into existence with purpose? No time to sleep…Time to Circle Up!