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What Makes You Better Than Me Part 4: This is Just the Beginning

November 05, 2021

This week we have two special Guest Amina Person (Director Of The Martindale Brightwood CDC) and Ms. Joi Harman (Deputy Director Of The Martindale Brightwood CDC). They are coming to share their awesome online Martindale-Brightwood Black Friday Give Back and Reunion. The goal of the event is to engage past and current residents of the area they serve. The Martindale-Brightwood CDC is raising funds for its affordable housing initiative in the area. The focus is to have the property developed by a resident-driven fundraiser to make sure they have a say in their community. House is the key topic of our city, state, and country. It is our mission to be aware of the non-developmental opportunities for housing in our community. This is just the begging of our community building for themselves and one another. Keep pushing, Listening, and Evolving our society with me. NO TIME TO SLEEP…TIME TO CIRCLE UP!!!