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Why Race Equity Matters From A Longtime Warrior For Justice

March 31, 2022
She survived court-ordered busing in the 70s where she and hundreds of Indianapolis Public School teachers lost their jobs; a race riot at a township school in the 90s; and she is a longtime racial justice warrior today who remains optimistic about the future even as racial divides rise. “Throughout history, we’ve always taken one step forward and two back. I think we’re living in a very exciting period right now because we have so many people working on interrupting racism. I feel like we’re going to reach our goal of stamping it out,” says Dr. Arlene Coleman, a facilitator for our “Interrupting Racism for Children” workshops. She shares wisdom that can unite people around one goal—to build a better future for every child where race does not predict their life outcomes. Listen to our podcast, ‘Your Voice. Their Future.”