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Episode 9 – Guess Who’s Back!

November 27, 2023
The B. Brothers are BACK - and man, do they have a LOT to catch up on! Shaq Leonard, Jim Irsay's crazy interview, the last few weeks of Colts action,...

Episode 8 – Colts vs. Brown Recap (10.22.23)

October 23, 2023
Myles and Alex talk about the Colts loss to the Browns, and the complete embarrassment the refs were at the end of the game, and in other sports. The Bros also...

Episode 7 – Colts Wrap Up (10.15.23)

October 16, 2023
The Brothers B talk about the dumpster fire that was the Colts v Jags, the impact of the Anthony Richardson injury time table, and yes, another mention of Taylor Swift....

Episode 6 – Colts Wrap Up Week 5 (10.8.23)

October 09, 2023
Alex and Myles talk Colts Week 5 win, JT's return, and is Anthony Richardson Injury Prone?

Episode 5 – The Ramblings Continue (10.5.23)

October 06, 2023
The B. Brothers with random talk. An emotional support animal turned away from an MLB playoff game? Are you sick of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce yet? This...

Episode 4 – Colts Wrap Up Week 4 LA Rams

October 04, 2023
Alex and Myles recap the Colts heartbreaking loss to the Rams. The Bros also talk Taylor Swift/ everyone else.

Episode 3 – Colts Wrap Up Week 3 Baltimore Ravens

October 04, 2023
Alex and Myles rap about a HUGE Colts win and ramble (as usual) about other stuff!

Episode 2 – Talk is Cheap

October 04, 2023
Alex and Myles return for Episode 2. The Brothers, B. make a big announcement for the show, and talk "hanging out", outhouse hijinks, Old school Broad Ripple, and MUCH MORE!