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Episode 47: Six Ways to Save

September 08, 2023
Listen in as our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, give you a one-stop guide that covers six strategies to up your savings game. 💰

The Keys to a New Auto Loan

May 25, 2023
Before planning your summer road trip, it's time to find your dream ride. Join Jamie and Nicole, your hosts of the Carpe Dime podcast, as they explore the ins and...

What the HELOC?!?

May 12, 2023
What in the world is a HELOC or a Home Equity Line of Credit? Join Jamie and Nicole as they discuss how a HELOC can put the value in your...

What is a Credit Union?

February 16, 2023
Join host Jamie and Nicole as the discuss the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank. See how you may be able to benefit from being a member of...

Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

December 16, 2022
Credit Cards can be a useful tool to fit your financial needs. Although there are some drawbacks to them, Jamie and Nicole discuss the Pros and Cons of Credit Cards.

Time to be an adult

November 15, 2022
Being an adult can be harder than what we imagine sometimes. Learn how you can navigate through moving out on your own with newly found responsibilities.

Our Favorite “FinTok” Savings Tips

September 05, 2022
Looking for a new way to freshen up your savings habits? Join our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, as they discuss some of their favorite "FinTok" savings building tips.

Planning for your next vacation

September 05, 2022
Everybody's working for vacation! Join our hosts Jamie and Nicole as they break down ways to make planning your next vacation a breeze.

Summer Savings Tips

June 09, 2022
Summer is here! Join our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, as they discuss ways to take some heat off your budget while planning for summer activities for the family.

Inflation and You: Here’s what you need to know

April 29, 2022
Everyone is talking about inflation these days, but what is it and what does it mean for your personal finances? Our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, discuss what inflation is, how...

Scams: Don’t get fooled! Kick scams to the curb.

April 08, 2022
Join Jamie and Nicole along with special guest, Mackenzie Cotton, as they discuss how to identify scams and what to do if you fall victim to one.

Money Stages and Ages

March 22, 2022
Join Jamie and Nicole as they tackle the difficult and sometimes intimidating topic of how and when to talk to your kids about money and the basics of money management.

Money Mindset

February 28, 2022
Do you know your money mindset? Join Jamie and Nicole for episode 35 as they discuss how to know if you're a super saver or a super spender and the...

Your Student Loans – 8Steps to Take Leading Up to Graduation

January 18, 2022
Join Jamie and Nicole as they discuss 8 steps to take as you prepare for life after graduation. You may be done with college but what comes next?

Budgeting for the holidays without breaking the bank

November 05, 2021
Join Jamie and Nicole in Episode 33 of Carpe Dime as they discuss budgeting for the holidays – birthdays, Christmas, and all those big days in between.

When to Warranty

September 29, 2021
To warranty or not to warranty? Join Jamie and Nicole in Episode 32 of Carpe Dime as they discuss the age old question… do you want to add an additional...

HSAs – The Best Account You’ve Never Heard Of

December 11, 2020
A Health Savings Account is a triple-tax benefit account that many Americans have access to - yet not many know what it is or how to use it. In this...

Episode 18: Ho…Ho…Uh Oh! Top 5 Holiday Spending Mistakes to Avoid

November 18, 2020
Whether you do your shopping on Black Friday or a few days before Christmas, we've all checked our holiday receipts and wondered "how did I spend this much?!" In this...

Oh Baby! How Having a Baby Impacts Your Wallet

November 04, 2020
No one said having kids would be easy... we've all heard about the sleepless nights, the constant diaper changes, and more. But before you take the leap in starting a...

Knowing When Its Time to Cut the Cord

October 21, 2020
A lot of parents look forward to their kids leaving the nest someday, but sometimes our teens stick around - not just in the home, but on the bills. Today,...

Someone asks you for money… now what?

October 06, 2020
We've all been there - your family member or close friend asks you for a money favor, and it may or may not be the first time they've asked. When...

Spending Cleanse! 21-Day Spending Fast

September 16, 2020
Do you ever check your bank account and wonder "where did all my money go"? A spending cleanse might be right for you! In this episode, join Dusty and Jamie...

Become Successful With These Ten Side Hustles

August 20, 2020
Wish you had some extra cash in your pocket? Most Americans would say "YES!" This week, join Dusty and Jamie as we talk about 10 side hustles that can help put more...

COVID Scams that Made Our Jaws Drop!

August 05, 2020
COVID scams are on the rise, and they’re getting more complex and effective as the pandemic continues. In this episode, join our hosts as they talk about the top COVID...

To Refi or Not to Refi Your Home

July 21, 2020
Mortgage rates are incredibly low right now, and a home refinance may sound tempting- but is it the best option for you? Join Dusty and Jamie as they discuss situations...

Help! I Need Somebody

July 07, 2020
Just like The Beatles' song, when it comes to getting help, it can't be from just anybody! In this episode, join Jamie, Dusty, and special guest Kim, as they discuss...

The Danger of Keeping Up With the Joneses

July 07, 2020
In this episode, Dusty and Jamie talk about why your battle to be the best on the block may be a costly one- and how to get your family on...

Financial Trivia Game!

July 07, 2020
In this episode, join Jamie and Dusty as they switch things up and play a financial trivia game. Play along with us at home!

Money Lessons for Your Senior

July 07, 2020
Graduating seniors have a lot to worry about before going into the real-world... money included! In today's episode, we talk about how to teach your senior or young adult about...

Your Credit Score During COVID

July 07, 2020
Many Americans have plenty of time on their hands right now- making it the perfect time to evaluate and improve your credit score.

Corona Virus and Tough Financial Decisions

July 07, 2020
In this episode, join Dusty and Jamie as they talk about making tough financial decisions during a tough time period.

Why You Should’ve Started Investing Yesterday

July 07, 2020
No one said that preparing for the future would be easy- but planning your retirement today can give you a better tomorrow!

What’s Love Got to Do WIth It? Marriage and Divorce

July 07, 2020
Making money decisions with your spouse isn't always easy, but learning how to save as a family is a step in the right direction!

Where’d My Money Go?!

July 07, 2020
In our second podcast, learn more about where exactly your money is going- does it disappear? Or are we more in control than we realize?

Why Your 2020 Financial Resolutions Will Fail

July 07, 2020
Join us for our first podcast about why your Financial Resolutions are doomed to fail... unless you follow some key guidelines.