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Have you ever heard of “Porky Pig Poutine”? Neither had Randy Ollis, and now he’s in love with them! 317 Burger describes them as, “Easy to make and delicious. It includes, house braised pork shoulder, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese curds and house-made gravy.

Then in their second dish, a PB & J collides with a burger to make a masterpiece 317 Burger calls their “Strawberry Hill Burger”! Here’s how they describe it, “Incredible! A unique, award-winning favorite, made with Habanero-ghost pepper cheese, bacon, spicy strawberry compote and melted peanut butter.”

Miranda Terhune, general manager for 317 Burger joined us today to talk about the wonderful partnership their restaurant has with McFarling Foods.

Miranda also showed of their Shrimp Sliders, Pickle Fries and Southwest Salad, all perfect side items to complete your meal!

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