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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – After the soggy weather we had last weekend, this weekend is a sharp contrast. Warm and dry. In fact, over the next few days, the temperature will be about 10-12 degrees above average in the low 80s.
Tonight – Partly cloudy. Low 65
Sunday – Becoming mostly sunny and very warm. High 84.
Monday – Becoming partly cloudy and still very warm. High 83. There is a chance for strong storms late in the day Monday.

Hope you got a chance to enjoy the summer-like weather Saturday. Another very warm and dry day is on the way for Sunday. Since we are moving toward mid October, we know there will not be many days like this going forward.

Unlike last weekend, there are no radar echoes anywhere near Indiana.

Saturday’s temperatures were at least 10 degrees above average for October 9.

although some high clouds will move through tonight, FutureCast indicates sunny skies for us again Sunday.

Temperatures like August on Sunday. and the best part is, the humidity will stay comfortable.

8 Day Outlook – There is a chance for strong storms late Monday. Then another weather system moves through during the middle of the week. There will be chances for rain from late Wednesday through Friday. Temperatures drop a little into the 70s but are still above average. Right now next weekend looks dry and much cooler.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– We are now stuck in a hot and humid weather pattern that will last at least the next 4 or 5 days. Saturday the temperature reached at least the upper 80s in most areas with the heat index values in the 90s. We get a little break when some widely scattered showers move through late this evening and again toward Sunday morning.

Tonight – Widely scattered showers and it stays warm and steamy overnight. Low 72
Sunday – A chance for some showers in southern Indiana in the early morning. Otherwise, mostly sunny, very warm and humid. High 88 with heat index in the 90s.
Monday – Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 90
Tuesday – Mostly sunny hot and humid. High 91

Caught a picture for University of Indianapolis right after the showers had moved through. Clearing skies!

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for extreme north and northwest Indiana until 11:00 PM. Severe weather not expected in central Indiana.

A line of showers and storms moved from western Indiana through the Indy metro area and then weakened.

Another weak area of scattered showers could move through central Indiana during the early morning hours.

Indianapolis temperature was cooled temporarily by the showers moving through. However, like today, this will be the typical situation for the next several days. Afternoon actual temperatures in the upper 80s.

Then accounting for the humidity, the heat index temperatures mean it will feel like it is in the 90s. Take it easy out there!

Stays warm and muggy tonight and a few nights to come.

Warm and steamy again Sunday.

8 Day Outlook – Our weather stays hot and humid through Thursday. then a cold front moves through and brings us some showers followed by a little cooler temperatures Friday and Saturday.