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Singer/song-writer Brett Newski has played with the Pixies, Violent Femmes, Better Than Ezra and more!

He’s also open about the fact that he suffers from anxiety and depression.

Now he’s opening to help others who deal with the same struggles.

WISH-TV Entertainment Insider McKinzie Roth spoke to him about his new book, “It’s Hard to be a Person.”

Watch the full interview above.

This is an inspiring story of the COVID-19 pandemic inspiring an artist to start pursuing his dream full-time.

Michael Schulbaum, local artist, spent 12 years as a full-time art teacher, but when COVID struck the world, as a type 1 diabetic, he had to take months off of work to protect himself.

He says arts has been his passion since age 3, but he went into teaching for many reasons, including the financial stability it provides.

“COVID brought a realization into me that life is too short to not do what you were born to do,” Schulbaum said.

Now his dreams are beginning to come true as he has been announced the winner of the Fine Art America national billboard contest. He was voted as 1 of 20 winners out of thousands to have his work displayed on a U.S. major city billboard.

“Love and Service” painted by Michael Schulbaum

His painting is called “Love and Service,” and he’s been told it’s very emotionally appropriate for the times we are in right now.

Schulbaum also surprised Indy Style’s Amber Hankins with a beautiful portrait (that’s still in progress) he created of her son.

For more information visit:

Eighteen like-minded and civically engaged Black visual artists from in and around the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area are coming together to promote the arts. They say their vision is to, promote awareness and engagement of the arts by supporting local organizations, providing community education and mentorship, exhibiting to the public and serving as a resource for other artists.

Deonna Craig, president of Eighteen Collective, joined us today to share more about this initiative.

18 of the artists who worked on Indy’s Black Lives Matter mural in Downtown Indianapolis in 2020 have joined forces to establish an official Art Collective known as, The XVIII Art Collective.

On Saturday, July 24th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the XVIII will gather to announce their upcoming projects, discuss their plans for the community, launch their website, and showcase their art. Additionally, there will be food trucks, a DJ, giveaways, and an opportunity for the public to create artwork.

“This talented group is infusing great energy, beautiful artwork, and a breath of fresh air into the community,” said Deonna Craig, President of the XVIII Art Collective.

This event is free and open to the public.

Why did we form a collective?

All of the members of the art collective connect in 2 main areas: art and community building. Our mission is to collaborate on the betterment of Black creatives and the community that we serve.

How are we making an impact?

We are excited to launch our mentorship program, community workshops and scholarship opportunities. In addition, this collective is comprised of artists from various professional and artistic backgrounds; spanning from graphic design, digital art, muralists, art instructors, public speakers, professors… The list goes on!

Event details:

Saturday, July 24 from 5 to 8 PM

2301 E. 10th street


Art gallery, DJ, prizes, food, and a community art project

For more information visit,

If you’re an artist looking for some publicity, here’s the perfect chance to get your work seen! Robin Lee of the Nexus Impact Center joined us today to share how they’re looking for an Indiana artist to create an exciting new external artwork banner project, promoting social impact. Nexus will display the winning art on an 18ft tall by 9ft wide banner on the west exterior of their I-465 building to display art that communicates Equality for All.   


Equality for All: The Nexus Impact Center is deeply rooted in every person having value and purpose to be leveraged for good. 

Nexus Vision Statement

We endeavor to create an equitable* world through collective impact.

*equitable: accessible, inclusive, sustainable for all.

Nexus is a place where people from all different lifestyles, circumstances, and beliefs can come together to learn from one another and foster a collective spirit of creativity and innovation to advance social issues.  

​The overall theme should communicate equality defined as accessible and inclusive. Artwork should project positive feelings of unity, community and collaboration. 

Eligibility & Requirements

The Contest is open to legal residents of Indiana, who are at least sixteen (16) years old. Employees and Board Members of Nexus, their immediate families (parent, child, sibling, spouse), and persons living in the same households of such individuals (whether related or not) are not eligible to participate in the contest. 

​All works must be original. “Original” means the work must be from the hand of a single artist. 

Submission details

Artists are asked to submit a written proposal that includes:

  1. A description of your personal connection to the theme.
  2. A discussion of the style you intend to use and your vision of the artwork.
  3. A sample of your work; and
  4. At minimum, a mock-up of your intended design should also be included.  You may submit digitally, or deliver to the Nexus Impact Center in whatever medium and size you prefer.  If you are chosen as a top finalist, you will be notified on or before July 26th and provided 1 month to deliver a final version of your art.  You may pick up a 20”x10” canvas from Nexus to utilize, or provide your own medium for the work.  It is also an option to simply provide the completed piece with the original submission.  If you do so, and you are not a finalist, your art will be made available for you to pick up. 
  5. Your written permission for the artwork created, if selected, to be reproduced into printed materials for the purposes of banner display, marketing and artwork print sales for donation purposes to Nexus Impact Center.

How to Enter

  1. Fill out the Entry Form completely. This information will be reproduced exactly as submitted if you are selected as a winner.
  2. Upload a single digital image (or indicate when you will drop off)

After you have completed the form, you may submit another entry. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.


The First Place Winner

The Viewer’s Choice Winner

Honorable Mentions 

Note:  If a portion of the prize becomes unavailable for any reason, Nexus reserves the right to substitute a prize of the same approximate retail value.  All federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the Winner.

For more information visit,

The Full Circle Nine Gallery (FC9) will feature Robert Neat and “Celebrate History in Color,” a commemorative show on impactful figures, for First Friday, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Friday, June 4th. He joined us today to share more about the event. Here’s more from him:

“As a young man I always loved art that pushed the boundaries of social issues,” Neat said. “I believe art can be used for social change, and to bring attention to social issues. This show is meant to make you think. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Either way would be a success! It caused you to have an emotion. But the biggest significance is that we never forget those amazing individuals that sacrificed so much.”

Highlighted historical figures, events, and symbolism include Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anne Frank, as well as Stonewall and the Pink Triangle, as Neat hopes visitors remember and reflect.

About Robert Neat:

 Robert Neat is an Indianapolis-based mixed media artist, combining acrylic and oil paints, pencil, ink and glitter to capture his imagery. Neat says he can utilize all media in the quest to create his art, and loves to play and explore what those media can do and has practiced since he was a young child.

“I have always been attracted to colors, shadows, lights, and anything that sparkled,” Neat said. “When I was younger, I would accept commissions, but soon became bored with creating what others thought was ‘art.’ I now only do work that I enjoy and find pleasing or interesting. As my art evolves, I find myself creating art that address the social issues we all face. I also find myself wanting to capture great moments in history, memorialize famous figures in history.”

About the Full Circle Nine Gallery:

The Full Circle Nine Gallery operates as an artist cooperative gallery, with each of the member artists and the board dividing gallery duties and artists roles. The artists will work together to help each other advance in skill and practice, as well as to bring success to the gallery.

With over two dozen artists occupying a large, three-room space of the more factory-reminiscent portion of the Circle City Industrial Complex, Full Circle Nine offers a wide variety of art forms, media, and approaches.

To better work within the COVID-19 shutdown and restrictions, the Full Circle Nine Gallery has hosted Virtual First Fridays, on the gallery’s Facebook page, @fullcircleninegallery, as well as on its Instagram, @fc9gallery, during the typical First Friday hours. During that time, the artists will host live streams, post videos, or showcase photos of their latest work, in an effort to continue to connect with fans and patrons. The gallery has also resumed weekend hours, 12-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, with health precautions, such as required masks.

Full Circle Nine Gallery is located at 1125 Brookside Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46202, in the South Studios section of the Circle City Industrial Complex.

For more information, or for artists interested in joining the Full Circle Nine, please visit

Katrina Murray, artist & graphic designer, joined us on Indy Style today to tell us all about her current projects, including the work she’s doing in honor of March Madness being in Indianapolis this year. Here’s more from her:

I am an artist located on the 2nd floor of the Circle City Industrial complex. I have been running my art and design business there for 9 years. We are having a virtual First Friday on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Additionally the artists take visits by appointment and there will be a show in the Schwitzer gallery (open to the public all month).

I am currently working on a commission through the Arts Council of Indianapolis for March madness. It will be a new, temporary, site-specific art intervention in vacant downtown windows.  Essentially, I will use vinyl adhesive to create an outdoor collage for two sets of double doors at the Former Ike and Jonesy’s at 17 West Jackson Place).

I won the creative renewal grant for 2021 that I had planned to use for travel to Greece and study ceramic making there. But The shut down due to the coronavirus made it impossible to travel abroad as I had planned in April last year. Those plans changed to: purchase a kiln, take a class at the Indianapolis Art Center and a drive-to museum visit. These things are In place of the original grant plans.

I did get a small PPP loan and some small stop gap grants to help keep my business afloat during the shutdown and subsequent months of lean business.

For more information, visit and

Studio open first Fridays and by appointment: 1125 Brookside Avenue, S 03B, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Fingernails, and even toenails are a fashion statement, and some will go to great lengths, literally, to present a vivid presentation. Joy Hernandez “nails it” with this trendy form of art. Just WOW!

Hernandez spoke to Shante Herron, who gave up her office job to pursue artistic fingernail and toenail design. She works at Fuqua Institute of Beauty Culture in Indianapolis.

This segment was produced by Great Day TV with Patty Spitler, which airs Sundays at 10am on WISH-TV 8.

To see more from Great Day TV, visit their website.