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Often times, maternity clothes aren’t the most flattering or even convenient to wear. Valerie Nadi, designer & owner of the maternity fashion brand, Becoming Mama visited Indy Style today to show us what makes her clothes so different from others on the market. Here’s more from her:

Why Becoming Mama started:

During pregnancy I struggled to find attire that I was confident and comfortable in. Pre-pregnancy, I generally wore a size medium or large and also ran into issue with purchasing the largest size a maternity brand offered but it still not fitting. I counted down the days until I could wear my “old wardrobe” again. But like many mothers, I realized that it took time to fit into those outfits properly again, and breastfeeding made the majority of my wardrobe irrelevant. Beyond just having easy access for breastfeeding and pumping, I began to notice things like fabric choices — which weren’t good choices for baby spit-up, breast milk spills, or grimy kid fingers. I started hunting for things that would check all of the boxes I needed, until one day my husband encouraged me to make the clothing I was searching for.

What makes our tops different:

For more about Becoming Mama clothes, visit their websiteInstagram and Facebook.