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If you’re starting a new business, they’re here to help.

Purple Ribbon Office Solutions specializes in helping elevate and coach businesses that are just beginning their journey.

They’re also raising funds in the wake of a family tragedy involving, Andre A. Smith, who was recently killed on Indy’s north side.

Sandra Day, founder and chief executive officer of Purple Ribbon Office Solutions and Smith’s aunt, and Reneka Day, Smith’s aunt, joined us Tuesday on “Life. Style. Live!” to share how the community can help their family raise funds for the funeral costs, burial costs, legal counseling and money for Smith’s daughter and her counseling.

The family is also holding community fundraisers to help them meet their goal.

They’re beginning Fish Fry Fridays at 5625 German Church Road and having a Taco Tuesday once a month that will serve as both a business owner networking event and fundraiser.

About Purple Ribbon Office Solutions:

Purple Ribbon Office Solutions specializes in helping elevate and coaching new start up businesses. We also offer packing and shipping almost anything to almost anywhere in the world. We have authorized shipping centers for UPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, and OnTrack, so we can help save you time and money by shipping your items with the carrier that best suits your needs for delivery speed and price

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