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October 3, 2022, marked the first annual National Hackney Day, a day to celebrate the uncommon Hackney Pony and Hackney Horse. To celebrate National Hackney Day, “Life.Style.Live!” welcomed Hackney enthusiast Dee Thomas to the show. Thomas is a member of the American Hackney Horse Society Foundation.

Thomas explained that Hackneys are a unique breed of horse known for pulling Hackney coaches. Hackney ponies and horses alike execute a crisp trot, lifting their knees high as part of their natural gait. Hackneys are of a well-mannered temperament with great stamina and athleticism. Thomas maintains that driving Hackneys is fun and is a great way of being involved with horses without fear of falling out of the saddle.

The first annual Hackney Day was marked by trainers and enthusiasts inviting media to their stables for a look at these sturdy steeds.

Thomas encourages people interested in Hackneys to contact McIntosh Stables in Fortville where Hackneys are trained and people learn to drive these exceptional animals.

More information about McIntosh Stables can be found here.