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When Rick and Joanie Stevens bought their home in 2015, Rick needed an entire room dedicated to the Indianapolis Colts. And thus, the “Colts Cave” was born!

Rick started with the walls and the fireplace, and then moved on to hanging all of his Colts memorabilia! He has accrued a lot of Colts keepsakes over the years, and just recently renovated to fit MORE on the walls! He said he’s now hanging posters on the ceiling!

Rick has been a fan of the Colts since 1987, and his whole family is 100% in for the Colts. He and his wife even had a Colts-themed wedding! He also showed us pictures of his Colts barn and matching homemade Colts birdhouse.

Here are some images of Rick’s FANtastic home!

Alicia Delgallo, USA Today Sports+ senior editor, joined us to talk about featuring Rick in their “Fan Harder” campaign. USA Today is expanding their offerings for sports fans with Sports+. Sports+ is a premium digital experience with interactive features. It even has an AR experience where you can meet Rick in your living room and get a 360 degree view! Rick was the first fan featured in the Sports+ AR experience.

You can learn more about Sports+ here.