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It’s that time again, the 2021 design trends and color palettes are here! Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor of Elle Designs, joined us today with the design and color forecast for 2021. Here’s more from her:

Color direction in Interior Design is heavily influenced by many sources and often starts on the runway in fashion design and the environment that we live in. 

We then see it trickle into home interiors through paint colors, home furnishings and finish materials. 

We heavily rely on paint manufactures to forecast what’s to come, they tend to be 12-18 months ahead of mainstream consumers in their color trend forecasting.

2021 Paint Colors of the Year

How are these colors selected and developed?

Paint companies gather 12+ months of data based on global travel influencers, looking at cultural shifts and consumer’s mindsets moving forward. 

Looking through naturalistic environments start to formulate their color palettes. 

This year, like none other, there is a need for calming environments in this unsettling time starting with paint on the walls. 

How will you see these in the marketplace?

Fashion Apparel Items, Home Furnishings in all Capacities, Automotive Industries, Beauty and Cosmetic Products. 

Are you someone that loves to incorporate trends into your home design? Some trends stick and some do not, a good trend is said to last 5-7 years, such as the grey paint color domination we still continue to see.

We like to say a little goes a long way. A bold trend can be infused sparingly into a space, allowing it to be inexpensive and easy to change up when it fades away.

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