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Do you resemble a celebrity? Indy Style co-host Amber Hankins discovers some WISH-TV newsroom staffers have Hollywood “look-alikes” or dopple-gangers. Watch the video above to see which celebs Randy Ollis, Phil Sanchez, and more say people tell them they look like.

Dave Barras, WISH-TV legend and our swimsuit model for the day took some time out of his busy schedule as a retiree to try out a fun pool product for our latest “We Try It” segment. Take a look at the video above to see how it worked out for him.

Product Info:

PoolCandy Splash Runner 2.5: It’s back and better than ever! Newly designed propellers supply more torque, resulting in 20% increase in speed. The Splash Runner has also been refined to provide superior maneuverability in the water.  

The Rainbow Collection. Bright, glittery, dazzling floats, sprinklers, tubes, balls, water slides and sunning pools for all of your hot boy/girl summer needs.  

Amber Hankins’, Indy Style host, also had her kids, Avery and Ledger (plus some of their neighborhood kids) try out the Jumbo Rainbow Sprinkler and Water Slide.

Chef Amy put Randy Ollis and Dave Barras’s grill skills to the test as they make their own signature grilling rub!

She also taught them about different types of grilling, what to grill for themed events, and more. Themed event our A Cut Above Catering’s specialty, and they always include custom menus.

Dave Barras, WISH-TV “Legend” and good friend of WISH-TV’s Randy Ollis, joined us today as a guest host, and while he was here, he shared a few tips to help Randy enjoy is new life as a part-time retiree.

Indy Style host, Annessa Chumbly, also joined us with a special message for Randy and the team from Disney World!