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There’s a mobile grilled hot dog cart specializing in All Beef Vienna Hotdogs and Polishes that you can find around Indy. A variety of toppings are always on the menu, and you can’t miss it because it’s bright pink!

Tawanna Greer, owner of Delicia Dog, joined us Wednesday on “Life. Style. Live!” to share everything you need to know about her business and to prepare some of her delicious specialty hot dogs!

You can typically find Greer in the Old Marsh parking lot off of 56th & Georgetown. She will also have a zone downtown near the Lucas Oil Stadium for events.

I got the idea of getting a cart because one day as I drove downtown, I wanted a hot dog and noticed there were none around the area, so that inspired me to become a hot dog vendor myself.

I was working seven days a week at a furnace company at the time, and in the midst of being tired of working for someone else, giving them all my time and energy and making them rich as I just struggled with the thought of getting out of bed to make it there another day, I began doodling names that I would like for my business.

I knew I wanted something different from the average hot dog you can find in the grocery store. I wanted a delicious hot dog and growing up in Gary, the best hot dogs around were Vienna Beef, which made me decide on the name, Delicia!

My logo comes from me knowing that when you bite into it, you will definitely smile at the flavor!

I chose the barbecue method instead of steaming and boiling because I like meeting and talking to people and I want them to feel like they’re at a mini barbecue for the moment as we converse about small things, families, or just networking as I prepare their hot dog.

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