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Roundabout construction raising concern for neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A roundabout is being constructed at the corner of South Arlington Avenue and Shelbyville Road on the southeast side.

“Road Closed to Thru Traffic” signs suggest motorists detour around the Buck Creek Woods subdivision, but residents say motorists are driving through instead.

Rose Lawson, who lives near the construction site, said her grandson had a close call on Tuesday. Lawson said a car sped by as he was about to get off the bus to walk home. The concerned grandmother credited the bus driver for her efforts.

“If she hadn’t have been the bus driver that she is, it would’ve been (more than a close call) because he could’ve probably got off and been hit,” Lawson said.

Lawson said the subdivision is no longer quiet with the drivers speeding in and out.

“I don’t want not my grandbaby or nobody else’s baby getting ran over by somebody that’s careless and I’m sure they don’t want theirs to get run over if they have children,” she said.

Another resident, Linda Huey, said, “They don’t stop at the stop sign. They just ‘powerhouse’ through here and they don’t stop for nothing. … They just keep on going and then they turn around and they come back later in the day and do the same stuff all the time. Nobody abides by any of the signs.”

Several Buck Creek Woods residents said traffic gets so bad some have difficulty leaving their driveways. A lot of kids play outside, one parent said, and she just hopes no one gets hurt.

“There’s probably 50 kids in the back of the neighborhood, and they use this whole neighborhood to ride their bikes, to walk, to play, and we’re not used to all this traffic,” Gretchen Shudley said. “We’re just very fearful that our kids are going to get hit, that we’re going to get hit as adults as we’re out here walking or walking our dogs.”

The community is demanding better enforcement around the work zone.

“They ought to set a cop back there,” Huey said. “He’d fill up more tickets than he has pads for. They can give them all a bunch of tickets and that might wise them up. I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

The Department of Public Works said the “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” signs are the most suitable for the project. Public Works said it worked with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on how to mitigate traffic concerns. Public Works is rerouting drivers to take East Edgewood Avenue, South Emerson Avenue or East Southport Road. Construction was expected to be completed in no more than 60 days.

IMPD did not reply to a request for comment.