Developing young QBs in NFL a tricky balancing act

NEW YORK (AP) - Start them right away? Ease 'em in? Have them sit a whole season?

When it comes to developing young quarterbacks in the NFL, it all depends on who you talk to.

Some teams think it's best to throw rookie QBs into the fire to learn on the job. Others prefer to gradually work them into the offense. Some say it's more beneficial to have them grab a cap and clipboard and take it all in from the sideline.

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ICYMI in NFL Week 10: Bowles’ Jets bad; Norman knocks fans

Time to start the "Which coaches are on the way out?" watch in the NFL, and all eyes are on Todd Bowles of the New York Jets at the moment.

How quickly it all fell apart for them.

After going 10-6 in his first season there, the Jets are 13-29, a .310 winning percentage.

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