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The challenge is on to find $10,000 worth of Pokemon cards at the Indiana State Fair.

This scavenger hunt was put together by Noblesville Indiana’s local game store Moonshot Games and a local Youtube star.

Josh Cecil, head of video, for Moonshot Games and Real Breaking Nate, Youtube personality, joined us today to share more about the scavenger hunt and his Youtube career.

Fairgoers can visit the Moonshot Games booth in the Hoosier Lottery Expo hall to begin the adventure, or simply go to on their mobile devise.

Participants will find a webpage with 20 different Pokemon prizes with coordinating clues.

These clues lead scavenger hunters on a quest to find QR codes that are redeemed for prizes.

Each day of the fair Moonshot Games hides 20 new QR codes all over the fairgrounds. These QR codes can be scanned to win the Pokémon prizes that range from $5 for easier to find items all the way up to $200 for prizes with some more challenging clues. 

Moonshot Games is a local game store with a brick and mortar store in Noblesville and one on Mass Ave. in Downtown Indy. Stores sell board gamesw, trading card games, and puzzles.

Real Breaking Nate is a Youtube sensation with over 800,000 subscribers, who is known for breaking boxes of Pokémon cards, hiding Pokémon cards, and for overwhelming positivity.

For more information visit:

Real Breaking Nate on Youtube