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Brian Carringer from Gutter Helmer joined us today on Indy Style to let us know just how important water management is for protecting your home! Gutter Helmet has been in business locally for 36 years now.

Brian left us with three main reminders:

  1. After the large storms we had this past spring, make sure to have your home inspected if you think you were hit with hail or worse. Gutter Helmet specifically focuses on water management related to your gutters and gutter protection.
  2. Stop putting screens on your gutters! If the holes are too big, debris gets in the gutter and causes a clog, and if the holes are too small, they clog and then no water can get in the gutter at all.
  3. Gutter Helmet will be at the Hoosier Hardwood Festival this coming weekend from Friday through Sunday at the Marion County Fairgrounds. They always have a great promotion at events!

You can find out more about Gutter Helmet here. They will conduct a free assessment on your gutters.


No one wants to spend a beautiful fall day cleaning their gutters, but as we know they can’t be ignored either. Ken Evancic, Dealer for Gutter Helmet of Central Indiana joined us to share how and why you should avoid cleaning your gutters yourself this fall and forever.

1. Beautiful fall days shouldn’t be spent cleaning gutters, but they can’t be ignored either.

Problems that can occur from having full and clogged gutters are: 

Gutters can sag and pull off the house.

Water will quickly overflow when gutters are full.

Water can cause wood rot, ground erosion around the base of your home, and possibly lead to foundation cracks and damage. 

2. Ladders are unsafe, and the risk of falling is greater than we think:

Over 164,000 ladder related accidents occur each year in the United States.

Most ladder accident deaths are from falls of 10 feet or less.

Unfortunately we hear about more ladder accidents than we’d like to. 


3. When dealing with gutters, Fall leaves are the biggest problem for most Hoosiers. Luckily Gutter Helmet is a reliable solution so that you can “Never Clean Your Gutters Again!”

For more information on Gutter Helmet visit their website, Facebook, or give them a call at 800-5-HELMET.