Trump officials brief lawmakers on alleged Iran threats; Kaine questions administration’s intentions

Military families around the nation are listening closely to the latest news from the Middle East, as tensions escalate between the US and Iran.

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Details on multi-billion dollar aid package for farmers hit by China trade war still unclear

The U.S. Agriculture Department is scrambling to put together a multi-billion dollar package to help farmers who are suffering collateral damage from the trade war with China.

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‘Restore Our Parks Act’ proposed to bring needed repairs for US national parks

Summer vacation season is nearly here, but a popular destination, America's national parks are falling apart. Buildings, restrooms, roads, campgrounds and trails have been neglected for years and need repair.  

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Rabbi who survived California synagogue attack attends White House National Day of Prayer event

This year's National Day of Prayer comes just days after the latest shooting at a place of worship. President Trump consoled religious leaders from across America and condemned attacks against places of worship.

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VA launches campaign during ‘Mental Health Month’ to help prevent veteran suicides

Veterans Affairs leaders said they've hired roughly 3,900 mental health professionals over the past year. But VA officials said help from Congress and even the president isn't enough. 

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