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How are influencers making so much money? It’s a question we all ask ourselves from time-to-time as we work our 9am-5pm jobs.

A new report reveals that creators are pocketing an average of $4,118 per month on YouTube, $3,853 per month on Instagram, $2,400 per month on personal blogs, and $1,674 per month on Tiktok. 

Then there’s VersusGame, where the average person/content creators are making much, much more than Insta Influencers. The average user generates about $17,500 a month. 

The app works similar to Las Vegas style betting — on your phone. Users vote for “this” vs. “that” and the winners make money. With 9.5 million users, we have one user who can share her story on how she makes thousands a month with VersusGame’s user-generated predictive gaming.

Georgia Sinclair, a renowned DJ, Comedian, and former TV host, makes thousands of dollars per month hosting challenges around cryptocurrency, music, and celebrity events. She joined us today to discuss how she became so successful on VersusGame and how others can benefit from the app to make money.


VersusGame is a global entertainment pop culture gaming app where users can put money on trending topics about celebrities, pop culture, sports, entertainment, food, and more. This app is the first of its kind to bring power to the masses and allow consumers to capitalize on their knowledge of mainstream culture. Since its launch in 2019, VersusGame has grown significantly, with over $16 Million in cash prizes ($4 Million of that during the “COVID-19 Era”) to more than 7 million players.

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