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Good jeans are hard to find. Whether you’re tall, short, thin, curvy, or somewhere in between, most women can agree that shopping for new jeans is a task. Although the task is hard and we get defeated, there is a perfect pair out there for everyone.

Kiarra Logan, fashion stylist, Kiarra Looks shows us 5 women who all have different body types, but share the common dislike in shopping for jeans. After she talked through their “denim struggles” she was able to successfully help them find a pair that they loved for their body. Here’s more:

Curvy Jeans

Ashlee is a mom of 3, who struggled to find good jeans after kids. We decided to try out TopShop jeans because they are a brand who, in most of their denim allow customers to pick a waist size and length size. She also liked TopShop because they had stylish options and felt like “real denim” as opposed to being overly stretchy. They still fit her curves and gave her the “cool mom” vibe she was looking for.

Tall Jeans

I loved talking with Michelle because she explained how even though she is “thin” and seemingly would have it easy finding jeans, she does not. We went to American Eagle for her jeans because they had longer lengths, lots of options, and a great price point. One of the things we discussed was seeking out a style other than skinny jeans because that tends to get repetitive. We were able to find a relaxed fit “boyfriend” style jean that was comfortable and stylish, but most importantly fit her longer legs.

Tall & Curvy Jeans

When I reached out to Mia for this shoot, she told me she has a ton of issues buying jeans. Even with owning her own online clothing store (, she still said that it is hard to find jeans that fit her body. Mia is taller and curvy, so she struggles to find jeans that are long enough and also fit her waist. We decided to try a pair of Levis, and with alterations at the waistline they fit great. She also likes to cuff her jeans so they look intentionally shorter, a good trick for taller girls.

Maternity Jeans

Mom-to-be Ashley, was ready to find some stylish maternity jeans to finish out the rest of her pregnancy. She had tried on a few jeans that came all the way over the belly and did not like the feel. I searched on Asos and discovered they have a great selection of Maternity jeans. We opted for a pair with a comfort band that doesn’t come all the way up, but also doesn’t sit tight below the belly. Even with her longer legs, the cool raw edge hem gave that intentionally short look again.

Lastly, was Brianna, and her main concern was comfort, and jeans that are able to move with her because sometimes her weight fluctuates. We were able to find her perfect pair from Zara. The jeans were high rise, and had the perfect amount of stretch to move with her, and allow for a little extra room if needed.

Quick Tips for Jeans:

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