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LAPEL, Ind. (WISH) – High school senior and basketball player Griffin Craig is raising awareness and money for Type 1 diabetes research by making 1,000 free throws.

November is National Diabetes month, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Craig told News 8 he’s a shooting guard at Lapel High School and has Type 1 diabetes.

He’s stepping onto the court to not only compete but to use his platform to motivate others.

Nearly $3,000 has been raised for JDRF, a global organization that funds Type 1 diabetes.

Craig said he was diagnosed during his 8th grade basketball season and mentioned he was always thirsty, wasn’t very hungry and got really itchy during physical activity.

He later went to the hospital.

Craig said at the time he didn’t know how it would affect his life with basketball.

The basketball player added with hard work you can do whatever you put your mind to, though it’s been a tough road.

“You can still eat whatever you want and it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like something really bad, you’re not going to die because of it as long as you take really good care of yourself,” said Craig . “You can still do everything a person that doesn’t have it can do.”

Craig mentioned he doesn’t let diabetes define him despite having to keep his blood sugar at a good level to play at a high level.

He added the support from his family and teammates is what keeps him going.

Speedway defeats Lapel 67-62.

Eastbrook defeats Lapel 56-26.

Pendleton Heights defeats Lapel 53-50.

LAPEL, Ind. (WISH) – The Lapel boys basketball team earned a special gift this week from LeBron James.

The Bulldogs won state last season so the NBA superstar decided to congratulate them.

LeBron and Nike sent the team new shoes, new shirts and a letter.

The letters says, “Bulldogs, you had big losses before the state tournament. Everyone smelled blood in the water. They underestimated the school of 500 once and you made them pay. Enjoy the firetruck escort because you can bet they won’t do it again. I’ll be watching. LeBron.”

“He took his time and actually looked up how many kids we have,” senior Jon Richardson said. “It also shows that even a small school like us can get attention.”

The Bulldogs made a thank you video and they plan to send it to LeBron.

Coach Jimmy Howell said Nike and LeBron are sending gifts to state championship teams who have shoe deals with Nike.

The Bulldogs will wear the shoes on game day for the first time Friday night. They’ll take on Pendleton Heights after Lapel unveils their new state championship banner.

Cardinal Ritter defeats Lapel 26-21.