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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The latest and biggest digital art exhibition to come to Newfields is now open to all visitors.

THE LUME Indianapolis, an interactive display full of the work of famed artist Vincent Van Gogh, debuted Tuesday morning and welcomed a line of fans.

Jonathan Berger, Newfields deputy director of marketing and external affairs, says this debut has been five to six years in the making. THE LUME is also officially the largest continuous exhibition space to be open at Newfields in its 138-year history.

Berger describes it as a “multi-sensory” experience. Inside the exhibit, you’ll find moving Van Gogh images, sound and even smells.

“We’ve taken all of these Van Gogh images and they start to come alive,” he said. “They move [and] It’s like you’re there. It’s like you’re standing in a Van Gogh painting as it’s being painted around you. I think it’s a way that you can be reintroduced to those paintings, throw in some great music and also aroma and it’s this fully immersive experience.”

Berger says “The Starry Night” (1889) in the first gallery, is an experience that stands out to him and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Randall Newsome also got to check out another part of the exhibit that’s drawing attention called “Van Gogh Yourself,” where you take a selfie and end up inside of one of Van Gogh’s paintings. Check out the interview to see how it works.

THE LUME also features a café and a gift shop. Click here for tickets to the exhibit.