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Do you believe in magic? You just might have to after seeing this trick from Barry Rice who’s also known as the Amazing Barry!

He joined us today to talk about what you can expect at the Indy Fringe magic show happening on Tuesday, October 5 at 7 p.m.

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Taylor Martin of Indy Fringe and Trino the Magician joined us to talk about the Amaze & Amuse magic show coming to IndyFringe. This is one of the many shows that’s apart of the IndyFringe festival which is currently in week two of three.

Amaze & Amuse is a modern day magic show that incorporates comedy, lots of audience participation and mind-blowing magic. The show features comedy magician, Trino and is perfect for families, date nights or an outing with friends. Join us for this experience that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

About the Artist:

Having grown up just an hour from “The Magic Capital of the World” (Colon, MI), Trino learned the art from top professionals that helped him quickly grow into a seasoned performer and entertainer. For 14 years (over half his life) Trino has loved bringing laughter, amazement, and high-quality entertainment to audiences of all ages. Now based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you can find him entertaining at various events and traveling the country with his wife, Ashley, and their hairless cat, Cannoli. 

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