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The best holiday decorations are the ones made with love! Mandy Graham, founder and CEO of SparkleBerry, joined us today with a few easy DIY crafts from SparkleBerry that you can do with your family.

Pumpkins and reindeer decoupage Crafts  

supplies list: 

White acrylic paint 

Foam brush x 2  

Mod Podge  

Baby wipes (for baby wipe painting) 

Patterned paper  


Pumpkins (for Thanksgiving show) 

Reindeer (for Christmas show)  

More about Mandy Graham and SparkleBerry INK.

Mandy Graham, a self-taught graphic designer and former stay-at-home mom, is the founder and CEO of SparkleBerry INK. SparkleBerry is a printing company specializing in printing original artwork onto patterned craft vinyl and paper, with two retail locations in Georgia as well as a robust online store with over 3000 pattern options. Mandy’s authentic love for her community and crafting has played an invaluable role in the success of her business. SparkleBerry’s original artwork has been licensed by large craft companies.

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