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The world’s fastest motocross racers will converge this weekend in Crawfordsville for a huge event. The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is taking place on Saturday, August 28 at the Iron Man Raceway. Joining us today to share what to expect at the event was Jason Weigandt, broadcast announcer.

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is the world’s most prestigious off-road motorcycle racing series. It will make its annual pilgrimage to the motorsports mecca of the greater Indianapolis area for its 10th round of the 2021 season. Crawfordsville’s Ironman Raceway will welcome the fastest riders on the planet for the eighth running of the Guaranteed Rate Ironman National, which will also feature the welcome return to full spectator capacity.

Ironman Raceway sits less than an hour drive from downtown Indianapolis, and while the big city is just a straight shot down Interstate 74, you’ll find yourself in the middle of small-town America in Crawfordsville. The late summer date produces porch weather, and that draws all the locals who marvel at the professional cavalcade that has rolled into their town. Thankfully, this one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-fueled spectacle is ideal for spectators to watch these gifted world-class athletes defy logic aboard their motorcycles.

The event offers up everything you want in a big-time motocross race, with sudden, dramatic elevation changes in an otherwise flat landscape serving as arguably the most exciting element. As you walk toward the track, the flat terrain surrounding the venue suddenly shifts. The ground opens up, drops down, and practically swallows the racetrack whole. A true natural phenomenon, Ironman Raceway doesn’t just provide elevation changes, it offers up some of the biggest, steepest combinations of jumps and hills in the entire series, including infamous Godzilla, a massive uphill jump.

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