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Give the gift of the ultimate, “skin’sperience” from the brand Eighty One Face & Body!

Temara Payton, Indy Style fashion & beauty contributor and owner of Eighty One, joined us today to tell us all about this natural skincare brand. Here’s more from her.

At Eighty One, our goal is great skin, the natural way. More and more, the consumer is becoming conscious about what they put in and on their bodies.

Living Green is no longer a trend, it’s a progressive way of life. Green or “Clean” skincare is a growing industry as it’s a component of a holistic lifestyle.

EO is all-natural and gender-neutral. Why? Well, why not?!

Our products are multi-functional for the needs of both men and women.

Great skin should not just be a priority for women, but men and our communities!

Our formulas are created free of synthetic dyes, colors, fragrances, and preservatives. And of course, they’re tested on humans, not puppies. Everyone can benefit.

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Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok: @temarapayton