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As parents, we want to be seen as invincible and the number one go-to-source for our kids. Part of that means pressure to maintain the illusion of perfection. But it’s just not true. We all have a past. We’re not perfect. So, what happens when our kids start asking questions? How and when do we tell them we’ve made mistakes?

News 8’s medical reporter, Dr. Mary Gillis, D.Ed., was on Indy Style Wednesday to discuss an interview she had will best-selling author, educator and mom-extraordinaire, Deborah Ann Davis. Davis provides tips and tricks to help guide parents through these difficult–sometimes awkward–conversations.

Watch the full interview with Davis below:

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It’s Women’s History Month, making it an even better time to support women-owned small businesses! So many moms have a side-hustle to motherhood right now, and today we were joined by Brittney Usrey, founder of fly girl box and mommy extraordinaire. Here’s more from her:

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Michelle Gambs, parenting coach, says there are five needs that each of us have, and today she explained how to meet those needs for your kids and how that can help lead to better behavior.

1. Belonging

2. Love-give and receive

3. Power

4. To feel special/valued/important

5. Experiment and explore

Children WILL get their needs met, appropriately or inappropriately, whatever works and whatever we train them to do.

It helps for us to look at them through that lens of five needs to understand why they might be doing what they are doing and that it is not personal to us.

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