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Amber and her husband have been at home trying a couple of interesting products. This includes one great way item that will allow you to barbecue almost anywhere. Here’s more about them:

GoBQ Portable Grill

Dad can grill away from it all this summer! The GoBQ® Grill is the ultimate portable charcoal grilling system made of heavy duty flame/heat resistant fabric. It’s so compact you can fit it in a backpack or store it in a drawer. The base folds up to fit into the lid which also folds up to become a compact carrying case. PERFECT for camping, tailgating, hiking, biking, traveling and the beach. Includes carrying strap.

Down Travel Blanket

The Down Travel Blanket and Stuff Sack is the ideal camping & hiking accessory: engineered with the same high-end materials as premium sleeping bags and compactable into an easy carry-on.

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