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It’s an exciting week at the movies as “Boss Baby” returns to theaters, a forgotten star-filled concert series sees new life and the Purge horror series refuses to end. Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap fills us in on it all. Here’s more from him:

New in Theaters:

The Forever Purge — A once-entertaining franchise has become a parody of itself and now deserves to be put out of its misery. Read more

The Boss Baby: Family Business — This fast-paced, colorful sequel knows exactly what its core audience of kiddies wants, and serves it up while treating grownups mostly as an afterthought. Read more 

Summer of Soul — Director Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson creates a lovely soul tapestry of performances, crowd reactions, attendees and musicians at the greatest concert event you never heard of. Read more 

Summer of 85 — Gorgeous to gaze upon but also poignant and touched by tragedy, this French drama is another in a recent spate of terrific queer romance stories. Read more  

Cool on Streaming:

The Tomorrow War — Chris Pratt stars in this big-budget sci-fi thriller about a ex-soldier family man sent 30 years into the future to fight against nasty aliens for the fate of mankind. Now on Amazon. Read more

No Sudden Move — Steven Soderbergh is back in the heist game with this 1950s story about a group of criminals set up to steel new car technology. Starring Don Cheadle. Now on HBO Max.

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