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MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Sea Salt & Cinnamon is Muncie’s first vegan food company.

Husband-and-wife team Kyle Reninger and Amanda Reninger have been in business for almost seven years, and they’re expecting to open their first storefront in September. On Tuesday’s “Indy Style,” they showed how to make a Savory Tofu Burrito and Sweet frosting baked goods. They also told us all about their Kickstarter which ends on June 8; they’re still hoping to raise about $10,000.

Here’s more from them:

In 2014, Sea Salt & Cinnamon began bringing plant-based foods to Muncie, Indiana. From its light and fluffy desserts to more savory and filling morsels, the vegan food company has something to satisfy everyone.

Now, the once two-person staff has quickly grown to a team of nine, with more than 15 unique partners in Indianapolis, Muncie and Fort Wayne areas. As Sea Salt & Cinnamon continues to grow in its community and beyond, it is now time for the company’s next step: opening its first storefront in downtown Muncie.

“It’s really all about compassion for us,” said Kyle Reninger, president of acquisitions at Sea Salt & Cinnamon. “We want to be able to share that compassion for our community, for people beyond our community, and for the animals that we share the planet with. Just as our food invites people into compassion, we want a physical space to invite people into compassion as well.”

In order to reach these goals, though, they need the community’s support now more than ever.

“We need at least 30 thousand dollars to really get to where we need to be,” said Amanda Reninger, president, in the company’s Kickstarter video. “It’s a lot, but I do believe we can do it. We are well supported by our community and this is one way that we’re looking forward to serving the community back.”

With their first storefront, the Reningers look forward to being able to continue to grow Sea Salt & Cinnamon to its full potential through distribution, offering more retail items, taking on more weddings and events, offering classes to the community, and serving as a safe gathering place for friends and neighbors.

Learn more about Sea Salt & Cinnamon’s storefront fundraiser—including how to show your support– on Kickstarter here.

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