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Event and travel services under one roof? That sounds like a dream come true, right?

Brandy Ferguson, travel agent, owner and lead wedding planner for Love4Traveling and Living in the Moment Events, joined us today to share how her companies can be a one-stop-shop to make beautiful experiences happen for you when it comes to both events and travel.

Brandy says, “We are Indy’s newest event/travel venue. We are planning experts for any wedding or event, and all your travel needs. The cool thing about us is we are under one roof. We are your one stop destination. We would like to plan your engagement dinner, wedding ceremony and/or reception, then send you on your honeymoon, working with one team for all your needs!” 

The duo business is conveniently located off of 71st and Binford, very close to I-69. 

Love4traveling, LLC. has been in business since 2017. Then they launched Living in the Moment Events in 2020 during COVID because people needed intimate setups at home, so they planned events for people to still celebrate, but safely. 

This year, they officially opened a venue to host events and celebrations.

“We truly believe our clients should get to live in the moment and not worry about the small details,” Brandy says.

Take a look at some of their past trips and events below:

Past Trips | Love4Traveling, LLC

Gallery | Living in the Moment Events | Indianapolis

For more information visit, and

You can also follow: @Love4traveling on all social media, and contact: with any inquiries.

If you’re a couple looking to plan a wedding that’s memorable for all the right reasons, you may need some guidance. Vince Early, CSEP, Thomas Caterers of Distinction, Senior Director of Sales and Kelly Early, CSEP, Owner of Thomas Caterers of Distinction joined us today to explain how they’re doing their best to keep the guest at their events safe. Here’s more from them:

We work hard to follow every guideline and mandate set forth by Federal, State and Local Government.

Guest will be asked to sign a waiver:

Temperature Check:

Any guest with a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed into the event.

Guests will be asked to wear a wrist band to help communicate their comfort level with the virus to the other guest.

Each guest will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering grounds or building.


Guest Chairs will be placed in pairs spaced approximately 6 feet apart.

We will have staff available helping adjust chairs to accommodate same household guest.

Cocktail Hour:

For the safety of our guests and staff, plasticware will be used at all bars during cocktail hour until further notice.

Product, supplies and glassware are being set up away from guest and served on an empty table.

Guests are asked to keep 6 feet between them and the guest in front of them.

Specialty drinks will be pasted among the guest with stancaps placed on top to protect guest.

Hors D’Oeurves will be passed among guests on our custom designed passing trays.

Each passing tray has an attached sneeze guard to protect food from exposure.

Each Hors D’Oeurve will be placed on an individual disposable vessel to avoid accidental contact between guests.

Additional cocktail tables will be placed outside to encourage safe physical distancing in open air spaces.

Dinner tables will be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart to accommodate physical distancing guidelines. Up to 10 guests can be seated at a table.

Wedding Cake:

We have created custom wedding cake sneeze guards that must be used to display the wedding cake in the dining room.

The bride and groom will be asked to do their first dance and then cut the cake as soon as they enter the dining room.

Thomas Caterers staff will remove the sneeze guard from the cake for cutting, and replace it as soon as the couple moves away from the cake.

NO Buffets or self-service food stations of any kind will be allowed at events until further notice.


To limit contact, we recommend that programs NOT be used. We would like to encourage couples to list program information on their websites or create a sign with the information they would like to share with guests from the program

Please assign an attendant to your guest book to help keep the writing utensils and anything else in the area sanitary

Venue Procedures:

Photo credit: The Siners

Hand sanitizer and tissue stations will be at each entrance and exit to the venue along with the entrance and exit of each event space.


“Dancing is not prohibited. However, guests and event organizers need to keep CDC guidelines on social distancing in mind and take the necessary precautions.”

We recommend asking the DJ to remind guest to follow CDC guidelines to the best of their abilities and avoid “sing along” songs.

Thomas Caterers will make sure the room is set for the biggest possible dance floor.

Our promise to our clients:

Staff are required to stay home if sick.

Upon arrival ALL staff MUST check in at the welcome table and follow the same check in procedures as the guest.

All staff will wear masks inside the venue and cocktail area at ALL times.

All Thomas Caterers employees will wear disposable gloves at all times.

All service items (glassware, flatware, china, etc.) will be sanitized the day of the event.

The dining room will remain as sterile as possible until guests enter.

2 Certified food managers will be on-site at all times.

Our message:

It is important that as the host you encourage ALL your guests to stay home if they are not feeling well.

If guests do not feel comfortable being at large gatherings, please let them know it’s ok, and show them you support their decision.

We know this has been a very emotional time, so remember that your friends and family love you no matter what.

All guests must check in at a welcome table placed outside the entrance.

For more from Thomas Caterers of Distinction, visit their website.