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Katiera Winfrey

Katiera Winfrey’s return to WISH-TV is sort of a homecoming. She got her start in news behind the scenes at WISH-TV in 2010. Now she’s back as the station’s first ever Multicultural Reporter.

Although she considers Houston, Texas home, Katiera spent several years growing up in Indianapolis and is a graduate North Central High school. Finally back in Indiana, she’s ready to share the Hoosier experience again. 

In the last two years she’s been able to define her role as multi-cultural reporter. Expanding station wide coverage of minority communities. From the beginning it’s been about amplifying voices who’ve historically been silenced. But there is still a lot more work to do.

In the last decade, Katiera’s career has taken her to several Texas cities, Oklahoma, and most recently Allentown, Pennsylvania. She’s covered everything from a deadly accident that killed several veterans in west Texas, tornados, and the national story involving the shooting death of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby. But, the stories she’s loved the most are the ones that allow her to get to know people and tell their unique stories. Being able to share those stories helped contribute to an Indiana Society of Professional Journalist award, a couple Emmy nominations and a few news team Emmy wins.

Katiera is a graduate of one of the largest historically black colleges and universities, Texas Southern University, and a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. In her free time, she likes to travel, read, enjoy movies, theaters, museums and spend time with her family and dog Sarabi.

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