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National Engineers Week runs from February 19 through February 25, and engineering is the subject of this week’s “Industry Focus” segment.

Matt Heiden, Recruiting Director for Flexware Innovation, shared that National Engineers Week is a great opportunity to recruit new people to the field of engineering. Flexware Innovation helps different manufacturers throughout the country solve technical problems through IT solutions.

For more information on Flexware Innovation and the engineering careers they offer, visit

Market Analyst Jane King joined us from the NASDAQ today to discuss what happens on Wall Street around the holidays. Large and small businesses can benefit from the festive financial knowledge.

She said the end of the year for Wall Street sees a “Santa Claus rally.” Additionally, many people are on vacation.

In 2023, business stories to watch include inflation, the Federal Reserve, and the reopening of China, Jane said.

Indiana has worked hard to become one of the most advantageous states in the country for doing business. Indiana is ranked the fifth-best state in the nation for business, and first in the Midwest. In addition to being home to eight fortune 500 companies, Indiana is also focused on its growing tech sector, small business environment, and providing numerous resources to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Secretary of Commerce, Brad Chambers not only leads the charge for economic development in Indiana, he is a shining example of how entrepreneurship can lead to success.  

One of the shining stars in the growing bioscience industry that is making a difference in Indiana is Adipo Therapeuritcs.   Karen Wurster, the CEO explains why companies like hers are making their home right here in Indiana. 

A.J. Feeney-Ruiz describes himself as a “recovering politician”.  But he’s also a hiker, a kung fu master, a father and among other things, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, specializing in breads. He took all that experience and launched the B-B-&-B Bread food truck in his home town of Indianapolis.

He explains how life on the truck isn’t always on the truck.

Matthew Murphy the third returns to give us his insights on how coping with Covid gave many business better insights on their day to day operations.  

Keia  Walker, Director of Lending for the Indy Chamber helps new business owners understand the importance of keeping their accounts in order. 

She urges business owners to keep their eyes on their books at the end of the year.

Juan Gonzalez is the market president of Key Bank for Central Indiana and named one of the William G. Mays Excellence in Entrepreneurship award winners.    

He shares his thoughts on the importance of diversity, gaining access to capital and what the future holds for entrepreneurs in Indiana.

Chris Spangle is a fifteen-year veteran of podcasting.  In addition to hosting his own show, he consults for local podcasts like Leaders and Legends and IN Construction, both part of the All Indiana Podcast Network. He is also the Digital Director of the BOB & TOM Show. 

Chris offers his insights on how small business is embracing the idea of using podcasts to help get their businesses out there.   

This week the U.S. Small Business Administration reports that Indiana has hit a record in small business lending. The SBA approved 1,335 loans for small businesses in the state, reporting more than $650 million directly to entrepreneurs and supporting more than $925 million used to start, grow, and expand businesses.

We spoke with Laura Schafnitz, Public Affairs Specialist for the U.S. Small Business Administration, about the impact of these loans.

For more information on the U.S. Small Business Administration click here.

Indiana is one of the fastest growing states for business, and our state has a variety of industries that thrive. Jason Osterhage, President and CEO of Teachers Credit Union, offered his thoughts on how Indiana is doing in terms of banking.

Teachers Credit Union is the largest credit union headquartered in Indiana and it has been around for 91 years. Osterhage discussed Indiana’s financial climate and the future of business in the Midwest.