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Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

United to resume direct flights from U.S. to China

United Airlines is gearing up for a return to travel in China.

The airline is adding direct flights to Shanghai and Beijing from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Newark.

The new flights will begin in late March.

More social media regulation expected in 2023

Social media giants can look forward to more U.S. government regulation in the new year.

TikTok and other tech companies were in the crosshairs of Congress last year, and according to some lawmakers, that’s expected to continue in 2023.

The lawmakers say they’re seeing troubling data about the corrosive impact of constant social media use, particularly on young men and women in America.

Companies offering big raises to keep workers

Workers who are staying in their jobs are getting their biggest pay raises in decades, according to new numbers from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Wages for employees who stayed at their jobs were up 5.5% in November 2022 from November 2021. The trouble with all those raises is that many companies are passing those costs on to customers.

Bird flu making traditional, non-organic eggs more expensive

The country’s largest egg producer says its organic eggs have become cheaper than standard ones due to avian influenza.

Cal-Maine says bird flu has decimated chicken flocks, leading to fewer eggs and higher prices.

Egg prices may not come down until well into 2023 once farmers have rebuilt their flocks.

Americans holding onto billions in unused gift cards

Americans are holding onto $21 billion in unused gift cards. says that averages out to about $175 per person.