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3: Crying Babies, Guinea Pigs, and Narcos: How We Stay Around the World

March 08, 2018
Where do we stay as we travel around the world? How do we keep our costs to a minimum with our accommodations? In this episode, we discuss the differences between Airbnb, hostels, hotels, and WorkAways. You will hear about crying babies and squealing guinea pigs. We talk about the Lisbon Hustle and drinking with a star from Narcos. We then answer a couple of follower questions including how we stay in touch with family and what technologies we use to do so. Everyone gets homesick; we talk about how we cope with it on the road. We wrap up with our first ‘Shame on That’ session where we screw up and tell people that they are ugly. Oops! Main Topics Covered: Accommodation Tips to Save Time and Money Q&A - How we Stay in Touch with Friends and Family Q&A - How do we cope with Homesickness SOT - Famous People Look-Alikes; We Didn’t Mean to call you Ugly Links: Feel secure on the road by monitoring your room with Blink - Find out more about Priority Pass to save money during your travels and have access to 1000+ Lounges around the world - Sign up for a free credit on your first Airbnb stay at Great Airbnb Search Tip 14 Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal The Lisbon Hustle and making money from our balcony WorkAway information Get a discount at A great way to discover good hostels A Quick Guide to Crazy Guayaquil Ecuador Matt with Andrés Crespo (Carlos Córdova of Narcos) Beautiful Albania Our favorite real-time face-to-face app, Google Duo  The best international calling plan with Google Fi More than a Billion people use WhatsApp around the world Share your amazing photos with - Groovebook - Use code – JAVIT63 for a discount Fred Armisen Jay Leno Our prize of the day and the most beautiful frame to share those amazing travel photos comes from Nixplay. You will hear us talk about this amazing frame often….it is a cloud-based frame that you can send photos from the easy-to-use mobile apps and then your photos appear where the frame is located. You can decide to have it at your office or in grandma’s living call it. You can use your Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox photos and more. Check out their awesome frames at or at for their latest discount. Be sure to REVIEW Passport Joy Travel Talk to enter the contest.