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9: Medical Travel Advice (and Watching Sports on the Road)

April 19, 2018
Nikki discusses the importance of TRAVEL INSURANCE, what it is and why you should get it.  We also talk about what great travel insurance policies should cover and certain limits travel insurance policies have. Have questions about PRESCRIPTIONS and refilling prescriptions while traveling?  Nikki provides tips to save time and money. She also covers the importance of travel VACCINES and much more! We also answer a couple of questions from our followers: How we stay in shape while traveling and how we watch American SPORTING events. Enjoy! Main Topics Covered: Travel Tips -Travel Insurance, Vaccines, Prescriptions Q&A - How do we Workout on the road? Q&A - Issues with ATMs Q&A - How does Matt watch American Sports while traveling Shame on that  - People in Crowds Links Mentioned in the Episode: Foundation Training - The most important exercises for your back while you travel!  ExpressVPN - protect your information when you travel and connect to see your content that you are paying for Nikki’s Professional (Medical) Background Travel Vaccines – A Simple Guide (2018) Reliable resources:  CDC and WHO Prescriptions Abroad (A Step-by-Step Guide for Travel) Travel Insurance – A Simple Guide for Choosing the Best (2018) The BEST way to watch sports while you travel  Best ATM Company is Schwab for international travel    Epic Hikes on the trip so far include: Cinque Terre Hiking (Updated Guide) Cerro Toco Hike Climbing in Perdika, Greece Resistance Bands for home training  Beautiful Peru; Beaches, vineyards and geoglyphs (Paracas, Ica, Nazca Guide)  Google Duo for the best face-to-face video while you are traveling  The Best View of Machu Picchu- Climbing Huayna Picchu (An Epic Journey) Venice on a Budget (9 Tips to save money)    This Week’s Prize comes from Seven Corners Insurance   Seven Corners offers customizable travel insurance plans to travelers all over the world.; the two main products being travel medical plans and trip protection plans. Travel medical plans protect travelers when they get sick or injured abroad by providing medical coverage such as medical evacuations, 24-hour assistance and medical maximums up to $5 million. Trip protection plans protect the costs and expenses of your trip in case you have to cancel, interrupt or delay your travels as well as provide coverage for delayed, lost or damaged luggage. Find more at