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96: Roatan, Honduras Live Podcast from the Island

January 12, 2021

Watch the episode filmed in Roatan, Honduras -

Roatan is a Caribbean island off the northern coast of Honduras as part of the Bay Islands. It is home to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest reef system in the world which makes for great scuba, snorkeling, boat trips, and calm sandy beaches.

Our trip was full of adventure as we made sure to take advantage of everything that was offered. The amazing people of Roatan make sure you feel welcome and loved. With their great hospitality and eagerness to show you all aspects of the island, it is easy to fall in love with the island life.

Getting to Roatan from Northern America is a breeze with easy connecting flights, simple to book Airbnbs, and use of the US dollar. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and ATMs are easy to find.

Enjoy the many towns of Roatan that make it unique: Sandy Bay, West End, West Bay, French Harbour, Coxen Hole, Dixon's Cove, Flower's Bay, The East End.

Pack light, enjoy the sun, go deep-sea fishing, and party on a yacht!

Roatan has it all.


Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Find Airbnb Stays in Roatan:

Outstanding Local Guide and Driver:

Channin Bodden + wife Kimberly

Whatsapp: +50498845340

Deep-Sea Fishing:

Lonny Miller + his son Anthony

Scuba Diving:

Ernesto - Banana Hut Burgers Dive Shop

Epic Yacht Party:

Rob and Natasha - Amavi Charters 

Best Bar and Sportsbar in West End:

Sundowners Beach Bar