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A Day With Amelia

September 24, 2021

Today's special guest is Amelia Reiling. Ms. Reiling is a striving artist currently attending Pepperdine in the Spring for an online Master's program in management and leadership. Ms. Reiling is seeking to work with university/college student leaders interested in alleviating poverty through an initiative called Impact.


Impact is an initiative looking for educators, curriculum experts interested in writing conflict management workshop exercises for grades k-12. An interested web developer would like to spearhead building a website where this curriculum would be accessible for teachers, parents, PTOs, etc. This initiative would be called Impact Emotional Intelligence. These are all volunteer-based opportunities. That Ms.Reiling has put much time and effort into seeing our society develop in a preventing stance instead of waiting at the last minute for sustainable solutions. Keep pushing, Listening, and Evolving our community with me,…. No Time To Sleep…Time To Circle Up!!