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Author talks improving your family routine in book, ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’

January 19, 2024

Welcoming the New Year brings a chance to weave some positive vibes into your family’s routine, and Dr. Harvey Karp, the brain behind The Happiest Baby on the Block and SNOO, has some down-to-earth suggestions.

First, keep the family’s health in check with timely vaccinations, including the new RSV shot for the little ones.

Dr. Karp’s advice? Dive into reading together—more stories mean more language skills and family bonds. Embrace the great outdoors daily for a natural mood boost, and it even helps everyone sleep better at night. Prioritize quality rest with dim lights, white noise, and a consistent bedtime routine.

Sharing meals isn’t just about food; it’s a recipe for stronger bonds and healthier choices.

For some family TLC, Dr. Karp suggests simple deep-breathing exercises, no fancy gadgets needed—just your breath and a moment of calm. Let’s keep it real this New Year and make those family resolutions stick!