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Podcast: Self-care aware on Fitting Indy with Drew Blair

January 15, 2021

Your body is responding to your overall mental wellness. If you are giving too much attention to the past and/or future, your body may be showing signs of feeling down or anxious without your realization. Drew's friend, Indianapolis-based massage therapist Christina Cooper shares a wide range of ways self-care can help find balance between body, mind and spirit. Topics:
  • Drew's new favorite quote
  • Staying present
  • At-home remedies for recovery and relaxation
  • Why we avoid five minutes of PT exercises
  • An aversion to helping ourselves
  • Body Talk Therapy
  • Therapies to break down tension, reduce inflammation
  • 30-day yoga practice
  • Smoothie recipe to try
Christina Cooper is available at trinitybodymindandmassagetherapy.com Follow Drew Blair Facebook: facebook.com/DrewBlairTV Instagram: fitting_indy Twitter: @DrewBlairTV